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How Do I?

How do I register for a Library card?

The library is supported primarily by taxes paid by the residents of Cleveland.  Therefore, library borrowing privileges are available by filling out a library membership application and showing a valid government issued ID.  A parent or legal guardian must assume responsibility for materials borrowed by a person under eighteen years of age; therefore, it is the adult’s identification that is required for registration of a minor.  The adult and or guardian accepts full responsibility of any charges incurred on the minor’s card.  In the case of a patron who is physically unable to sign his/her name the staff person will note that the application is acceptable without the signature.  Materials cannot be checked out until a library card is issued.  All library cards expire after one year.  In order to renew a library card users must produce identification and must clear all outstanding fines and bills.  However, new cards will not be issued.  If a patron loses his/her library card, he/she should notify the library as soon as possible and request a replacement and pay the replacement fee established by the City of Cleveland.

What can I borrow from the Library and for how long?

All items (books, large print, audio books, children’s items, DVDs and Blu-ray, music CDs, video games downloadable eBooks, and eAudio books) – 2 weeks

You may ask for an extended period checkout that will allow all items – 6 weeks

You may also renew your items if they are not late or more than twice in a row.

Renew Library items?

Most Library items can be renewed twice if the item has not been requested by another Library patron.  However, some items borrowed from others in our network of partner libraries have different renewal terms and are not renewable beyond the original due date.

There are several ways to renew your borrowed Library items:

  • Visit the library.
  • Call the library.
  • Renew library items online 24/7 through our online catalog/my account.

Not returning the item will result in a replacement fee appearing on your library card account and may lead to a referral to a collection agency.  Items can be renewed in person, over the phone or online by selecting Classic Catalog, then click on “My Account” tab, put your library card number and pin, then click on “Login”.  The page will load with an account overview.  You may either click on “Checked out” or the blue link of “Items Out” selecting the titles you would like to renew.  Items will not renew if they are late.  

    Borrowing Items

    Austin Memorial Library is a membership free library, but we do charge fines for items not returned or returned to the library damaged.  If items have not been returned 49 days of its due date, Austin Memorial Library will attempt to recover the item or the replacement cost, which may lead to a referral to Unique Management Services, a collection agency.

    Where do I return the items, I borrowed?

    Library materials should be returned to Austin Memorial Library.  Book drops are available in two locations and are normally accessible 24/7.  The library has a convenient drive up book drop located on the north side of the building in the larger parking lot.  The library also offers a walk-up book drop located to the right of the front door/main entrance.

    Items must be returned by the date printed on the receipt.  If any item is not returned and is marked lost on a patron’s record, the patron will be billed the replacement cost of the item, which may lead to a referral to Unique Management Service, a collection agency.

    My borrowed library item is lost/damaged. What do I do?

    Library cardholders are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged items.  Please contact the library and ask for the Front Desk.

    There is no fee for initial library card.  The replacement cost for media containers is $5; current cost of the replacement for the same item or similar if the same item is unavailable. 

    What are the fees if items are not returned on time?

    City of Cleveland has set the price per business day as audio/video $.50 books $.10.  You must return borrowed materials by the due date.  Otherwise, Austin Memorial Library will attempt to recover the items or replacement costs, which may lead to a referral to a collection agency.

    Can I pay my fines electronically?

    At this time the library is not equipped to accept payment electronically.  All fines and fees may be paid over the phone with a credit card or debit card.  In person the fines may be paid by cash, check, or credit/debit cards.  If needed partial payments may be received, however patrons may not be able to check more items out until the fine is either under $5 or age of the bill less than 30 days.  If paying with a credit/debit a $2 fee will be added to the account.

    What happens if I don't pay my fines?

    Austin Memorial Library tries to recover the materials by sending emails directly to patrons who have requested account notifications via email.  To update your email address for notifications, contact the library.  Once an item becomes 42 days overdue, it is considered lost and you will be charged the replacement cost for the item.  Accounts owing $20 or more are sent to Unique Management Services, a collection agency.  The account is also blocked temporarily, restricting further borrowing.  The patron will also incur a fee of $10 for enlisting the help of Unique Management Services.  If the account is $5 but under $20 will also be sent to Unique Management Services.  The account will be blocked temporarily, restricting further borrowing.  The patron will also incur a fee of $5 for enlisting the help of Unique Management Services.

    Although the majority of patrons return items on time and in good condition, there are a few who receive notification and do not respond to overdue notices sent by the Library.  It is important to have these items returned so they can be available for other patrons to use and enjoy.  Patrons should ensure a current email is on their account’s record in order to receive updated late notices and other account notifications.  Patrons may also sign up for text messaging account notifications.  Message and data rates may apply based on wireless carrier.

    How do I prevent my account from going to collection?

    The best way to avoid collection activity is to keep your account in good standing.  This can be done by:

    • Returning or renewing items before they become overdue.
    • Taking advantage of renewals.Most items can be renewed twice, if there are no hold requests for that item from other patrons and your account is in good standing.You can renew items online by logging into your account with your Library Card Number and PIN by clicking the Log In link at the top of every page.You can also renew materials by visiting or calling the library 281-592-3920
    • Contacting the library when items cannot be found.
    • Updating your contact email address as needed to ensure that you receive overdue notices.To update your email for notifications, contact the library.
    • Signing up for e-mail notification and reminders to let you know as soon as possible if an item is overdue, and then responding to overdue notices promptly.To sign up for email notifications, contact the library.
    • Patrons may also sign up for text messaging account notifications.Message and data rates may apply based on wireless carrier.To sign up for text message notifications, contact the library.

    What should I do if I turned in an item, but my account shows it's still checked out?

    Call the library where you returned the item and ask for the Front Desk. 

    Does Austin Memorial Library offer free Wi-Fi access?

    Free Wi-Fi is available 24 hours a day.  You must ask for the password at the Front Desk.

    Are computers available to the public?

    The library offers 16 publicly accessible computers with Windows operating system and the full suite of Microsoft Office programs, as well as Internet using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows Edge.

    Customers can use public computers for an unlimited amount of time during regular library hours, as long as no one is waiting to use a computer.  If customers are waiting time will be limited to 60 minutes. 

    Can I print from my phone or tablet?

    Currently the library does not offer mobile printing.  We ask that you submit an email to the library, and we will print your documents.  If you are using your personal device or printing from home, you can use a flash drive. 

    Black and white documents cost $0.15/page, and color documents cost $0.50/page.

    Are computer classes and tech assistance available?

    Yes; the Austin Memorial Staff assists library customers with the use of computers and technology through hands-on classes, programs and individual appointments.  Check the calendar for computer classes.

    Can I photocopy, scan and print materials at the library?

    Yes, available services and associated fees are listed below.



    Black & White copy or print


    Color Copy or Print




    Print from email or from USB flash drive

    See black and white copy or color

    What is InterLibrary Loan?

    Interlibrary loan is a service provided by Austin Memorial Library to enable patrons to use items that are not owned by the library.  Libraries throughout the state and the country are contacted to see if any of them are willing to lend a particular item. 

    Who can borrow items through InterLibrary Loan?

    Any patron of Austin Memorial Library who does not have library fines more than $5 may request items through ILL.   

    What kinds of items can I order?

    The easiest items to obtain are books and photocopies from journals.  Very few libraries lend certain formats, such as rare books, current -year publications, genealogical materials, microfilm and reference books.

    Any items already owned or ordered by the Austin Memorial Library may not be obtained through InterLibrary Loan, even if the item cannot be checked out.  Exceptions will be made for damaged, missing, or lost items.

    For items that have been published or release within the last 6 months, please submit a suggestion for purchase through the Suggest a Title form.

    What kinds of items can I order?

    The easiest items to obtain are books and photocopies from journals.  Very few libraries lend certain formats, such as rare books, current -year publications, genealogical materials, microfilm, and reference books.

    Any items already owned or ordered by the Austin Memorial Library may not be obtained through InterLibrary Loan, even if the item cannot be checked out.  Exceptions will be made for damaged, missing, or lost items.

    For items that have been published or release within the last 6 months, please submit a suggestion for purchase through the Suggest a Title form.

    How do I place a request?

    The Austin Memorial Library is pleased to offer Texas Group Catalog.  Click here to access the Texas Group Catalog Search.  The Texas group catalog gives you the option to search for items in Texas only (Texas Group Catalog) or search Libraries Worldwide.  Please keep in mind that not all libraries in Texas will fall under Texas Group and that your search results will probably be limited.  Libraries that lend to other libraries throughout the country will fall under libraries worldwide search option. We recommend that you use libraries worldwide most of the time if not all the time.  When you search for the title, you are looking for, input zip code 77327 or 77328 or whatever your zip code is in the location field to see if the library owns the item or not.  If owned by the Austin Memorial Library you cannot request a title using InterLibrary Loan, you must request the title by place a request with the Austin Memorial Library Website.  When you have selected the title please click on the “Request Item” located on the right side of the screen.  You must choose the Austin Memorial Library as your home location. A new window will appear for you to enter your library barcode and pin# to proceed with the request process.  At this point you will input your email address, and any notes that go with the request. If you are requesting a specific copy such as large print or audio you must select “only this edition” When you are sure all information is correct click on continue.  This will complete your request.

    Review the status of InterLibrary Loans

    You can view the requests at any time on Texas Group to see the status of an InterLibrary Loan. On the top left side of the page, you will see “Texas Group Catalog” with a drop-down menu.  Select “My Requests”.  Enter Austin Memorial Library as your location.  Enter your barcode and pin and you can view the requests and status screen.

    Is there a limit on the number of requests?

    A patron may not have more than five active requests at one time.  This includes both items in use by the patron and items for which the InterLibrary Loan Department is searching.

    How long will it take to get my item?

    The length of time it takes to get materials depends upon several factors, including how many libraries own the material requested, where the libraries are located, and the delivery time of the US Postal Service.

     Requests may take 1 to 6 weeks.

    How long can I keep my item?

    The loan period and any restrictions on using the item are determined by the lending library.  In most cases, the book may be retained for at least two weeks.  Some materials may have shorter loan periods, and other materials may be restricted to use in the Austin Memorial Library.

    Can I renew my item?

    You may not request renewal for items borrowed through InterLibrary Loan.  The lending library has the right to refuse any request for a renewal so therefore we do not offer that.

    Is there a charge for using InterLibrary Loan service?

    The lending library may set loan conditions and fees.   All additional costs are passed on to the patron.  Patrons will be advised of any charges before requests are placed with lenders.

    Charges will be assessed for lost and damaged materials.  Items lost or damaged will be charged to the patron at a fee assessed by the lending library.

    Can you fill every request?

    Due to the rarity or extreme popularity of some items and formats, some requests may not be filled.  A maximum of ten libraries will be contacted (it may be fewer if fewer libraries own the item).  If none of those libraries will lend the item, the patron will be notified.

    Why does my item have a label on it?

    The label identifies the item as an InterLibrary Loan item.   It provides the patron with information about the ILL department and the due date of the item, as well as any restrictions placed by the lending library.  Removing this label causes the item to go to a different department, and patrons will be charged for items that do not arrive in the ILL department.


    How can I reach the Interlibrary Loan Department?

    By phone: 281-592-3920

    By Email:

    What are my obligations in using the InterLibrary Loan service?

    Borrowing materials from another institution is a privilege.  Patrons are expected to honor any use restrictions stipulated by the lending library, including the prompt return of items borrowed. Patrons are also expected to leave the book band on the item(s) at all times.  Repeated abuse of these privileges could result in their revocation.

    Curbside Hours

    Mon – Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

    What is Curbside Service?

    Austin Memorial Library offers certain services such as materials/holds via curbside.  You can request a curbside pickup appointment by calling the library during their operating hours or by completing the form below.  Your Online request will not be final until you receive a confirmation email or phone call.

    Making your selections

    Use our Library Catalog to search for items owned by Austin Memorial Library and place a hold on the items you want.

    There is a limit of 25 items per pickup.

    If you need assistance email or call 281-592-3920.

    Unsure of exactly what to request?  Contact us and a librarian will gather items based on your preferences.

    Confirm your order is ready

    Wait for an email, text or phone notice saying that your hold is ready for pickup.  You can also check My Account to see the status of holds if you placed your own.  If you contacted us to order, we will contact you when your order is ready.

    Schedule Pickup

    After you receive confirmation, go ahead, and schedule a pickup time. You can schedule it yourself by phone at 281-592-3920.

    You will need your library card number and PIN number when you schedule pickup.

    Pickup your items

    Please drive to the library marked by a designated slot and call the library at 281-5992-3920 to let them know you have arrived.

    If you are unable to retrieve your hold yourself, please call the Library at 281-592-3920 for alternative arrangements.

    Outreach & Accessibility Services

    The Austin Memorial Library is dedicated to bringing part of the community we serve and to provide accessible services for all.

    School Visits

    Introduce a love of books and learning with a Library outreach visit!  We provide many options for visits and field trips.  A librarian can come to your school event, provide a story-time, talk about Summer Reading, and more!  The Austin Memorial Library invites you to fill out this Outreach Request Form for you school event.  Once submitted, a librarian will reach out to you about coordinating your event.

    Library Tour

    Bring student to the library and we can customize a tour tailored to your classroom needs/assignments.  Tours can include in-house database training, library scavenger hunts, story times, book talks, free exploration time and much more!  Call or email us to set up a library visit or tour.

    Large Print Books

    Stop in to select a large print book from our collection of more than 6,000 large print titles.  We can also request large print titles from other libraries.  Librarians are always available to help you in selecting materials.

    Talking Books Program

    The Talking Book Program provides free library services to qualifying Texans with visual, physical, or reading disabilities.  The Talking Book Program is part of the National Library Service to the Blind and Print Disabled, a program administered by the Library of Congress.  The Talking Book Program collection consists of more than 100,000 titles, including hundreds of titles in Spanish, and some in French, German, Russian, and other languages.  Visit Talking Books Program at

    Suggest a title

    Austin Memorial Library offers a diverse collection representing a wide range of customer interests.  If you find a title we do not own, but feel that we should, you can suggest that title and our librarians will review it to see if we can add it to our collection.

    Physical items

    You can request items to be borrowed from another library through our InterLibrary Loan service.  WorldCat.  When you make a WorldCat requet, our staff will attempt to borrow the item from another library that owns the title.  Requesting an item through WorldCat is often a quicker way to access a title than suggesting it for purchase.

    If you would like Austin Memorial Library to add a title to our collection, you can make the request through our website.  You can request up to three titles per month.  After you submit a recommendation, you will receive an email with your recommendation.  When our librarians have made a decision regarding your title you will receive an email letting you know the result.

    Digital Items

    If there is a title you would like us to add to our eBook and eAudiobook collection you can use the recommend to library feature.  You can make one request per day (once per 24 hours)

    To recommend a title:

    • Search for the title in our OverDrive/Libby catalog.
    • Select Recommend to library in the filter options under Availability.
    • Click Recommend underneath the title.
      • If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to enter your library card and pin number

    If you want to see you list of previous recommendations, go to your account in OverDrive/Libby and select Recommendations.


    Need one-on-one assistance from a librarian?  The Book-A-Librarian service is an opportunity for Austin Memorial Library card holders to receive individual, focused assistance from our staff in a scheduled 30-minute appointment.

    Who is eligible to make an appointment?  This service is open to Austin Memorial Library card holders, with a library card in good standing.

    Topics Librarians can help with

    • Library orientation including a tour and website/catalog overview
    • Basics of using a computer (Windows)
    • Essentials of Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
    • Getting an email address
    • Using email more effectively (i.e. attachments, folders, etc.)
    • Using the Library's online research tools & databases
    • Online job search
    • Introduction to Facebook
    • Introduction to Twitter
    • Basics of using a mobile device or tablet
    • Finding your next great read

    Things Librarians are NOT able to help with

    Librarians are here to guide you to resources and provide some instruction, but we cannot do the research or complete the project for you.  Examples of things we cannot do are:

    • Advise or direct you regarding medical, legal, or financial decisions.  We can refer you to reputable sources of information.
    • Provide technical support for personal electronic devices (i.e. hardware/software installation or setup, data recovery, virus/malware removal, security settings, etc.).  We can provide troubleshooting for library resources.
    • Type or proofread documents
    • Tutor or provide academic instruction

    Making an Appointment

    Each appointment can last up to 30 minutes.  Additional appointments can be requested with a maximum of two appointments per calendar month.

    To make an appointment, complete the online Book-A-Librarian Appointment Request Form, select the topic for which assistance is needed, and the date/time that is preferred.

    Book-A-Librarian appointment requests must be made at least 3 business days in advance of the preferred appointment date.

    A librarian will contact the requester to schedule and confirm the appointment.  Appointments are subject to librarian availability, especially as it relates to scheduling and matching you with the librarian who best fits your needs.

    What is Books by Mail?

    Austin Memorial Library offers a Books-by-Mail service.  This free service provides books, audio books, DVDs, and Blu-Ray movies to people in the city of Cleveland residents who qualify as permanently or temporarily homebound.

    How does Books by Mail work?

    Materials will be sent through the mail in a zippered, nylon bag with a two-sided pre-posted mail tag.  When the materials are due for return, the patron switches the mail tag to show the Austin Memorial Library address and mails the bag back to the library.

    How does a person qualify?

    Austin Memorial Library will send an application to those who want to participate in the Books by Mail service.

    An application may be obtained Online:  Click here to complete the application.

    Those who qualify for the Texas State Library's Talking Book Services for People with Disabilities will be referred to the State Library.  Information about the Talking Book Services can be accessed by clicking here.

    Library is closed due to potential of inclement weather

    Due to Hurricane Beryl the city has closed all city departments Monday July 8th 2024. All items due will be renewed.