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Kids and Tweens

CISD Reading Rodeo 2023 Kindergarten English

ISBN: 039515023x
Title: Curious George
Author: Rey, H. A.
ISBN: 9781606867884
Title: Gregory the Terrible Eater
Author: Sharmat, Mitchell
ISBN: 9780689832338
Title: Please, Baby, Please
Author: Lee, Spike
ISBN: 0152744282
Title: Silly Sally
Author: Woods, Audrey
ISBN: 9781536208405
Title: Atticus Caticus
Author: Maizes, Sarah
ISBN: 9780593308301
Title: 100 Dogs: Playful Pups to Count
Author: Whaite, Michael
100 Dogs: Playful Pups to Count book cover
ISBN: 9780316310628
Title: Knight Owl
Author: Denise, Christopher
ISBN: 9781250127105
Title: Group Hug
Author: Reidy, Jean
ISBN: 9780062865762
Title: Everybody in the Red Brick Building
Author: Wynter, Anne
ISBN: 9781481480413
Author: Forsythe, Matthew

CISD Reading Rodeo 2023 1st Grade English

ISBN: 9780064440318
Title: Daniel's Duck
Author: Bulla, Clyde Robert
Daniel's Duck book cover
ISBN: 9780486816463
Title: The House that Jack Built
Author: Frasconi, Antonio
The House that Jack Built book cover
ISBN: 9780590101189
Title: Benjy's Dog House
Author: Graham, Margaret Bloy
Benjy's Dog House book cover
ISBN: 9780060225261
Title: Sammy the seal - story and pictures by Syd Hoff
Author: Hoff, Syd, 1912-
ISBN: 9780060224653
Author: Hoff, Syd
ISBN: 9780060233501
Title: The carrot seed
Author: Krauss, Ruth
ISBN: 9780307931252
Author: Lionni, Leo
ISBN: 9780808579373
Title: The Magic Fish
Author: Littledale, Freya
The Magic Fish book cover
ISBN: 9780060239572
Title: Frog and Toad Are Friends
Author: Lobel, Arnold
Frog and Toad Are Friends book cover
ISBN: 0060201878
Author: Parish, Peggy
ISBN: 9780440461265
Title: Nate the great
Author: Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman
ISBN: 9780060842444
Title: Harry the dirty dog
Author: Zion, Gene

CISD Reading Rodeo 2023 2nd Grade English

ISBN: 9781338712766
Title: Cat Kid Comic Club
Author: Pilkey, Dav
ISBN: 9780545563185
Title: Bird and Squirrel on Ice
Author: Burks, James
ISBN: 9781338047745
Title: Mr. Wolf's Class; Mystery Club
Author: Steinke, Aron Nels
ISBN: 9781524861384
Title: Cat Ninja
Author: Cody, Matthew
ISBN: 9781338224283
Title: Magic Tree House
Author: Osborne, Mary Pope
ISBN: 9780142419656
Title: I, Amber Brown
Author: Danziger, Paula
ISBN: 0316158860
Title: Buster plays along
Author: Brown, Marc
Title: Jigsaw Jones
Author: Prellar, James
Jigsaw Jones
Title: Junie B. Jones
Author: Park, Barbara
Title: Mercy Watson Books
Author: DiCamillo, Kate

CISD Reading Rodeo 2023 3rd Grade English

ISBN: 9781984835482
Title: Chapter two is missing!
Author: Lieb, Josh
ISBN: 9781442402973
Title: Creepy carrots!
Author: Reynolds, Aaron
ISBN: 9780544050501
Title: Grandfather's journey
Author: Say, Allen
ISBN: 0395304482
Title: Jumanji
Author: Van Allsburg, Chris
Title: Mercy Watson
Author: DiCamillo, Kate
ISBN: 9780060264499
Title: Tornado
Author: Byars, Betsy
ISBN: 9780064404921
Title: Best school year ever
Author: Robinson, Barbara
ISBN: 9780142408889
Title: Encyclopedia Brown, boy detective
Author: Sobol, Donald J.
ISBN: 9781338565898
Title: How to eat fried worms
Author: Rockwell, Thomas
ISBN: 9780689844478
Title: The keeping quilt
Author: Polacco, Patricia
ISBN: 0060241020
Title: Sarah, plain and tall
Author: MacLachlan, Patricia
ISBN: 0060282975
Title: Stuart Little
Author: White, E. B.
Title: I survived...(series books)
Author: Tarshis, Lauren
Title: Trapped in a video game series
Author: Brady, Dustin
ISBN: 9781938093531
Title: Awesome minds: the inventors of LEGO toys
Author: Hagar, Erin
ISBN: 9781419734045
Title: Rocket to the moon!
Author: Brown, Don
ISBN: 9781536213850
Title: Stink and the shark sleepover
Author: McDonald, Megan
ISBN: 9781250026903
Title: The 13-story treehouse
Author: Griffiths, Andy

CISD Reading Rodeo 2023 4th Grade English

ISBN: 9780374390402
Title: The cricket in Times Square
Author: Selden, George
ISBN: 9780140383430
Title: Earthquake terror
Author: Kehret, Peg
ISBN: 9780525446729
Title: Fudge-a-mania
Author: Blume, Judy
ISBN: 0385170513
Title: The indian in the cupboard
Author: Banks, Lynne Reid
ISBN: 9780887769252
Title: Jacob Two - Two meets the hooded fang
Author: Richler, Mordecai
Jacob Two-Two
ISBN: 0380709244
Title: The mouse and the motorcycle
Author: Cleary, Beverly
ISBN: 9780689821714
Title: Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh
Author: O'Brien, Robert C.
ISBN: 9780142408810
Title: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Author: Blume, Judy
ISBN: 0877191301
Title: The original adventures of Hank the Cowdog
Author: Erickson, John R.
ISBN: 0440414121
Title: The Watsons go to Birmingham
Author: Curtis, Christopher Paul
Title: Who was...? Series
Author: Various
Title: The 39 Clues
Author: Various
ISBN: 9780807573341
Title: Shelter dogs: amazing stories of adopted strays
Author: Kehret, Peg

CISD Reading Rodeo 2023 5th Grade English

ISBN: 9780688024055
Title: Dear Mr. Henshaw
Author: Cleary, Beverly
ISBN: 0440403278
Title: Number the stars
Author: Lowry, Lois
ISBN: 9780140379563
Title: The warm place
Author: Farmer, Nancy
The warm place
Title: Nothing's fair in fifth grade
Author: DeClements, Barthe
Nothing's fair in fifth grade
ISBN: 0060275103
Title: Ella enchanted
Author: Levine, Gail Carson
ISBN: 0439192862
Title: Hatchet
Author: Paulsen, Gary
ISBN: 9780374332655
Title: Holes
Author: Sachar, Louis
ISBN: 9780690044089
Title: Night of the twisters
Author: Ruckman, Ivy
ISBN: 9780307977939
Title: Rump: the true story of Rumpelstiltskin
Author: Shurtliff, Liesl
ISBN: 9780763690700
Title: Slider
Author: Hautman, Pete
Title: The house with a clock in its walls
Author: Bellairs, John
The house with a clock in its walls
Title: I survived....series
Author: Tarshis, Lauren
Title: All stations! Distress!: April 15, 1912, the day the Titanic sank
Author: Brown, Don
ISBN: 9780440414711
Title: My life in dog years
Author: Paulsen, Gary

CISD Lectura rodeo 2023 Kinder Español

ISBN: 9781338269024
Title: De colores por
Author: Pope, Elodie
De colores por book cover
ISBN: 9781338188714
Title: Esta oruga necesita un barco por
Author: Worth, Melanie
Esta oruga necesita un barco por book cover
ISBN: 9780545216234
Title: Cavan, cavan, cavan
Author: Mayo, Margaret
Canvan, cavan, cavan book cover
ISBN: 9780439545686
Title: Clifford y la hora de dormir por
Author: Bridwell, Norman
ISBN: 9781459824294
Title: Mi corazon se llena de alegria por
Author: Gray Smith, Monique
ISBN: 9780618196777
Title: Jorge el Curioso Monta en Bicicleta
Author: Rey, H. A.
Jorge el Curioso Monta en Bicicleta book cover
ISBN: 9780439545617
Title: David se mete en lios por
Author: Shannon, David
ISBN: 9781404830370
Title: Max va a la escuela por
Author: Klein, Adria Fay
Max va a la escuela por book cover
ISBN: 9780140543636
Title: Un dia de nieve por
Author: Keats, Ezra Jack
ISBN: 0060523409
Title: Si llevas un raton a la escuela por
Author: Numeroff, Laura
Title: Serie de Clifford por
Author: Bridwell, Norman

CISD Lectura rodeo 2023 1st Grade Espanol

ISBN: 8484643255
Title: No es una caja / Not a Box
Author: Portis, Antoinette
ISBN: 9780439904476
Title: Danielito Y El Dinosaurio
Author: Hoff, Syd
Danny and the dino banner
ISBN: 9780064434164
Title: Buenas Noches, Luna
Author: Brown, Margaret Wise
Title: Le Semilla de Zanahoria
Author: Krauss, Ruth
la semilla de Zanahoria banner
ISBN: 9781631139529
Title: Sapo y Sepo son amigos
Author: Lobel, Arnold
sapo y sepo son amigoes book cover
ISBN: 9781880507766
Title: Amelia Bedelia
Author: Parish, Peggy
Amelia bedelia book cover
ISBN: 9780785726210
Title: Harry, El Perrito Sucio
Author: Zion, Gene
ISBN: 9780618050765
Title: Jorge y Marta
Author: Marshall, James
jorge y marta book cover
ISBN: 059046275x
Title: Tu mama es una llama?
Author: Guarino, Deborah
Title: Serie de Pedro
Author: Manushkin, Fran

CISD lectura rodeo 2023 2nd grade Espanol

ISBN: 9780763693589
Title: Alma y como obtuvo su nombre
Author: Martinez-Neal
Title: Y si tuviera ojos de animal?
Author: Markle, Sandra
Title: Ambar dorado
Author: Danziger, Paula
Title: Serie de Sofia Martinez
Author: Jules, Jacqueline
Title: Serie de la casa del arbol
Author: Osborne, Mary Pope
Title: Serie de Junie B. Jones
Author: Park, Barbara
Title: Serie de Mercy Watson
Author: DiCamillo, Kate
Mercy Watson
Title: Serie de Arturo
Author: Brown, Marc
ISBN: 9780688009144
Title: Un sillon para mama
Author: Williams, Vera B.

CISD Lectura rodeo 2023 3rd grade Espanol

ISBN: 9781338159073
Title: Presiona Empezar! #1 Fin del Juego, Super Chico Conejo
Author: Flintham, Thomas
Title: Los tipos malos
Author: Blabey, Aaron
ISBN: 9780823442584
Title: Sonadores
Author: Morales, Yuyi
Title: La verdadera historia de los tres cerditos!
Author: Scieszka, Jon
La verdadera historia de los tres cerditos!
Title: Querido Senor Henshaw
Author: Cleary, Beverly
Querido Sr. Henshaw
ISBN: 9788426128492
Title: Stelaluna
Author: Cannon, Janell
Title: El ratoncito de la moto
Author: Cleary, Beverly
El ratoncito de la moto
ISBN: 9781930332034
Title: Gracias, Sr. Falker
Author: Polacco, Patricia
ISBN: 0439409861
Title: Un caso grave de rayas
Author: Shannon, David
ISBN: 9780688154875
Title: Ramona empieza el curso
Author: Cleary, Beverly
Title: Clementina
Author: Pennypacker, Sara
Title: Sara, sencilla y alta
Author: MacLachlan, Patricia
Sara, sencilla y alta

CISD Lectura rodeo 2023 4th Grade Espanol

Title: Lost tipos malos serie
Author: Blabey, Aaron
ISBN: 9781338874143
Title: ¿Quién ganarí?
Author: Pallotta, Jerry
¿Quién ganarí?
Title: La telarana de Carlota
Author: White, E. B.
La telarana de Carlota
Title: La Senora Frisby y las ratas de Nimh
Author: O'Brien, Robert C.
La Senora Frisby y las ratas de Nimh
Title: Quien fue...? serie
Author: Various
Title: Un grillo en Times Square
Author: Sheldon, George
Un grillo en Times Square
ISBN: 9780689810992
Title: Me Llamo Maria Isabel
Author: Ada, Alma Flor
ISBN: 9781949061871
Title: La lección de August
Author: Palacio, R. J.
ISBN: 9780689818769
Title: Frindle
Author: Clements, Andrew
Title: Puente hasta Terabithia
Author: Paterson, Katherine
Puente Hasta Terabithia
Title: Pink y Say
Author: Polacco, Patricia
Pink y Say
Title: James y el melocoton gigante
Author: Dahl, Roald
James y el melocoton gigante
ISBN: 9780785733119
Title: El gran capoquero
Author: Cherry, Lynne
ISBN: 9781644733349
Title: Emmie es invisible
Author: Libenson, Terri

CISD Lectura rodeo 2023 5th Grade Espanol

Title: Serie de Los tipos malos
Author: Blabey, Aaron
Title: Quien ganara? Serie
Author: Pallotta, Jerry
Title: Charlie y la fabrica de chocolate
Author: Dahl, Roald
ISBN: 9780140342949
Title: Matilda
Author: Dahl, Roald
Title: El Hacha
Author: Paulsen, Gary
El Hacha
ISBN: 9781404620957
Title: Esperanza renace
Author: Ryan, Pam Munoz
Title: Hoyos
Author: Sachar, Louis
Title: Querido Sr. Henshaw
Author: Cleary, Beverly
Querido Sr. Henshaw
Title: Quien cuenta las estrellas?
Author: Lowery, Lois
Quien cuenta las estrellas?
Title: El único e incomparable Iván
Author: Applegate, Katherine
Title: La casa imaginaria
Author: Mateos, Pilar
La casa imaginaria
Title: Serie del Diario de Greg
Author: Kinney, Jeff
Title: Serie del diario de Nikki
Author: Russell, Rachel Renee
Title: Crenshaw mi amigo
Author: Applegate, Katherine
Crenshaw mi amigo
Title: Los chicos del vagon de carga
Author: Warner, Gertrude Chandler